RADAR Solutions is an Australian based consultancy which specialises in understanding how people join violent extremist groups, and why individuals commit acts of political violence.

We work with government officials and frontline service providers to counter the effects of violent extremism, and to assist individuals to disengage from violent extremist networks. Our work covers three main areas:



We produce high quality counter terrorism research, and provide high level advice to senior government and law enforcement personnel.

Including designing Australia’s national risk assessment, needs analysis and case management tools for Countering Violent Extremism interventions.



We provide expert training to agencies and organisations conducting interventions assisting individuals to disengage from violent extremist networks.

We have trained hundreds of individuals including Australian Government analysts, Federal and State Police and frontline service providers.



We measure the impact and effectiveness of programs designed to Counter Violent Extremism.

Including conducting an evaluation of the Australia New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee’s capability to deliver Countering Violent Extremism programs, and reviewing the implementation of the National Countering Violent Extremism Framework.